Your DNA and Weight Loss. Improve Your Chances of Weight Loss successin 2015


Jump start your weight loss in 2015 and adopt a lifestyle customized to YOUR genetics to stay healthy for life. Visit our new online store to purchase your own Nutritional Genius test kit with our Naila MD FIT weight loss in Dallas and Southlake to start this year right!
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What is Naila MD FIT Metabolic Weight Loss?

Unlike diets and other weight-loss programs, NailaMD FIT is customized for each patient from a medical perspective. Dr. Malik starts with a detailed medical history and evaluation that includes body-fat and -weight measurements, blood pressure, heart rate, review of all prescription and non prescription medications, history of previous weight loss treatments, family history and a complete metabolic blood work-up.

Your initial visit for weight loss in Dallas and Southlake clinics also includes realistic goal setting and detailed explanations of what to expect from NailaMD FIT.

Dr. Malik then follows up to discuss test results, answer questions, update measurements, administer medications as necessary and keep you informed and motivated to stick with each of Naila Malik MD FIT’s three phases:

PHASE 1: Metabolic Correction Phase: 6 Weeks including TWO initial weeks of Detox and Jumpstart, to reduce Insulin and cortisol and jump start fat burning.
PHASE 2: Slow and steady weight Loss Phase: Variable, depending on weight loss goal and rate of weight loss. During this phase, we encourage you to lose one to three pounds a week, aimed at losing fat; maintaining muscle, ideal for long term success without feeling deprived, until your goal weight is reached PHASE 3: Weight Maintenance Phase: For life, to help you maintain a healthy weight for life!

What is xR Nutritional Genius?

xR Nutritional Genius is lifestyle coaching based on the results of TWO simple tests:
The two Nutritional Genius tests analyze up to 200 foods to uncover what you need to eat in abundance, moderation, and what to avoid.

(Finger Prick)

It is very common for people to be sensitive to foods they eat frequently without knowing it. Often a person will find that the foods they crave the most are the very ones causing their symptoms. Test fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, dairy, even coffee and chocolate.

(Cheek Swab)

From the $4B human genome project, this test analyzes the area of your genetics that has to do with crucial bodily functions, such as controlling DNA, inflammation, immune function, detoxification and mood balancing.

Based on the results of your tests, we can determine the best diet plan most suitable for YOUR body to optimize your wellness and healthy weight goals.

Call 888-210-9693 for an appointment to start your DNA weight loss program in Dallas or Southlake and take the guess work out of your weight management plan for good!